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The Transformative Power of AI in Marketing

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Bethany blog for HanaByte on AI in Marketing

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is completely changing the game in industries like retail and customer service. Recently, I’ve been fascinated with how it’s making waves in marketing. Just look around—everything from coming up with ideas to nailing down those perfect ad designs is getting a serious upgrade thanks to AI. This advancement is making an already fast-paced industry even more competitive and exciting. It’s reshaping how companies reach their audience, understand and anticipate consumer behavior, and create an environment where staying ahead of the curve is both more critical and more rewarding.

It’s like marketing’s got a whole new playbook now. AI is jumping in to create ads, whip up social media posts, and even craft those catchy captions that keep us scrolling. And the best part? It’s not slowing down anytime soon.

Here at HanaByte, we’re not facing this alone. As a team that values the careful crafting of content, embracing AI’s rapid evolution can be challenging. However, we’re dedicated to maintaining our authenticity and brand integrity while embracing these changes. That’s why we’re diving into a hybrid approach, leveraging AI’s capabilities while infusing our unique touch, ensuring our content remains authentic and engaging.

So, let’s dive in and see how AI is shaking up the marketing world, and how we’re embracing this change with creativity and purpose!

How is it Impactful?

As a marketing intern who is new to the cybersecurity industry, I found it a challenge to write about cybersecurity topics. For example, I would take a longer amount of time writing a caption for one of our blogs that was heavy in technical content. To create an effective caption that showed what the subject was about, I needed to first understand the topic. Our amazing consultants create very informative blogs, however, to a cybersecurity novice, even their simple explanations were too much. This is where AI came into play.

AI is incredibly helpful in breaking down complex concepts and understanding their meanings. It provides the tools to comprehend each subject and translate it into easily digestible content. To be mindful of our consultant’s packed schedule, I utilize AI to lay the groundwork. For instance, if I need insights on topics like CMMC, I turn to AI to provide initial explanations. Or, to be especially accurate, I could ask for reputable resources to learn about the topic from a basic level. This way, I can grasp the essentials before involving our team in a deep information session. It’s all about finding that perfect blend of AI and human insight to make the most of the learning process.

To use this approach effectively, it’s crucial to pinpoint the purpose of what you’re trying to extract from AI. Even a little change in wording can affect what output you receive. Are you wanting to break down the material to better understand it? Ask AI to break it down into bullet points. If you have two pieces of text you wrote that you’d like to be put together, AI can combine them and make it flow better.

That’s not the only way it can improve your efficiency in the workplace. AI is helpful in many ways, such as:
  • Creating templates to save time writing notes.
  • Organizing information from paragraphs to bullet points or a quick summary.
  • Analyzing data to determine influencing factors.
AI can provide insights into potential causes, offering a starting point for in-depth research. Ultimately, it’s up to the person using that data to connect the dots and arrive at a definitive conclusion.

The last point, in particular, illustrates how AI can generate new post ideas. Overall, AI streamlines marketing tasks by improving productivity through better resource allocation and faster decision-making. AI-powered analytics tools, such as predictive analysis and A/B testing, help predict trends and audience behavior. These tools assist marketers in reducing operational costs and increasing return on investment (ROI) in marketing campaigns.

What are its Limitations?

Many people worry about the impact of AI on jobs, especially as it develops at a rapid pace. This concern is heightened by the automation of routine marketing tasks, such as creating graphics, campaigns, and captions. Given how new AI technology is, there is no need to worry about being replaced by AI just yet. AI is not perfect as its potential varies by the data it’s fed and what it chooses to do with that information. When using it for tasks, especially when they are intended to be published without additional adjustments, it’s worth noting that AI isn’t quite as dependable as a human. Similar to humans, it is still learning and can make mistakes.

The main limitation is that it doesn’t have that human touch. Photos and captions that are created by AI can have discrepancies that are odd and characteristically not human. According to the Hootsuite Social Trends 2024 Consumer Survey, 62% of consumers are less likely to trust your content if they know an AI application created it. This highlights the importance of carefully managing AI-generated content. While it can be a revolutionary tool, it’s crucial to approach its output cautiously to maintain trust and credibility.

Another factor to consider is that even with many recent updates to AI, it can still make mistakes. Being wary and understanding the need to double-check ideas is a vital part of utilizing this resource effectively. For example, at HanaByte, we approach creating captions with thought leadership in mind. We make sure every caption serves a purpose, stays true to our brand, and is inviting and educational. We love to keep our inclusive and playful brand voice, which helps ensure our content is accurate, reliable, and meets our high standards. By maintaining these standards, we encourage ourselves not to rely solely on AI but to use it as a tool for enhancing time efficiency. So, how can you use AI without having those issues show up in your marketing output?

Dispelling the Negatives

Utilizing AI as a tool, rather than a creator, is akin to using a spell check to aid in essay writing—it supplements without altering your voice or message. Whether it’s rewording phrases or generating brainstorming ideas, employing AI in this manner is beneficial. Sometimes, crafting a simple caption can prove challenging if the intended tone or voice isn’t conveyed accurately. For instance, if you’re working on a professional email but want it to sound more friendly and engaging, AI can help adjust your language to find that perfect balance. Not only does it save time but also keeps your communication style natural and effective, helping you connect with diverse audiences confidently.

When writing social media captions, you may need to use a professional tone, and other times a playful one, but finding the right words can be tough. Writing a caption first and then asking AI to revise it in a different voice can help create content that perfectly fits your brand’s professional image. Or maybe you’re posting on Instagram and want a playful tone but can’t think of any extra dog puns—AI can generate fun, engaging captions that match your brand voice. For example:

Professional: Excited to announce our latest cybersecurity feature, designed to fortify your defenses and enhance data protection. Discover how our innovative solution can safeguard your business from emerging threats.

Playful: 🐾 Woof! Our new cybersecurity feature is here, and it’s pawsitively incredible! Protect your data from cyber threats and unleash peace of mind! 🔐🐕

Rather than spending prolonged periods editing content, leveraging AI to stimulate creativity and ignite the thought process can be a game changer in time efficiency. Using AI for revising content and seeking feedback can significantly enhance your content writing skills, offering valuable critiques that you might not get otherwise. However, to maintain consistency and effectiveness in your content, it’s important to implement certain strategies when using AI.

Establish an approval process:

  • Ensure all content aligns with your brand and meets quality standards.
  • Have a human review AI-generated content to maintain brand consistency and accuracy.

An approval process helps prevent brand or compliance issues from slipping through the cracks when utilizing AI to assist with content suggestions. Even without using AI, an approval process for any type of content is beneficial to execute. Just as we carefully copyedit human-generated content, we should apply the same attentive eye to AI-generated content ideas.

Guard Against Overreliance on AI:

  • Integrate human oversight and judgment into the approval process to prevent excessive dependence on AI-generated content.
  • Encourage team members to maintain their creative thinking and critical analysis alongside AI assistance, ensuring a balanced approach to content creation.

When navigating the process of generating marketing materials to enhance your productivity, it’s crucial to remain mindful of these key points. At HanaByte, we take a friendly, thoughtful hybrid approach that showcases the strengths of our awesome team and how well we work together. Our team members, like My Ha, Kat, Otis, and Logan, collaborate seamlessly to make sure we stay true to the core principles that drive effective marketing.

We love keeping communication open through our weekly marketing meetings and more in-depth 1-on-1 chats. This way, we can gather a variety of perspectives from everyone at HanaByte, making our strategies and ideas even better. Even April Park, our Compliance Consultant, joins our marketing meetings to share her extensive industry expertise, providing us with fresh insights and innovative ideas.

By blending these collaborative efforts with the occasional help from AI, we’re able to ensure that we stay aligned with the core principles that drive effective marketing. Our team’s dedication to maintaining this human balance in an AI-driven world is what sets us apart and drives our continued success.

The Future

As more industries and companies turn to AI for efficiency, it’s crucial to stay focused on your original goal. For social media, that’s connecting with people. You can’t connect with a machine; a real connection happens between individuals. While AI may seem like an amazing tool that can make your work easier with the click of a keyboard, it can’t replace the entire content creation process. Our ability to thrive in creative roles stems from our unique blend of experiences and ideas, something that’s beyond AI’s replication capabilities.

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